107 S. 11th Street
Lexington, MO 64067

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fax: 660-259-2545

email: lcsheriff@lcsheriff.com

Special Services

The CAT team is a Specialized Weapons and Tactics Unit comprised of members from the Sheriff’s Office and the Higginsville, Odessa and Concordia Police Departments. The team is led by Sheriff Kerrick Alumbaugh. The team serves high risk warrants, resolves hostage situations and participates in high risk man hunts. To maintain proficient skills in weapons and tactics, the team trains frequently and for long hours.

The Crime Scene Unit is a team of trained crime scene technicians that are also members of the Sheriff’s Office, Odessa Police Department and Higginsville Police Department. Members receive their training from the Kansas City Police Department Crime Scene Unit. The Unit is activated for major crime such as Homicide, Rape, major Methamphetamine labs, and serious property crimes such as burglary.

Crimes of a serious nature, or that require in-depth investigation, are handled by Detectives. The department has 3 full-time detectives that work for the office. The detectives have received advanced and specialized training in areas such as interview & interrogation, homicide investigation, child abuse, fraud investigation and “white collar” crimes. Many of these crimes require intense investigation and record gathering.

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