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Patrol Division

Lafayette County Sheriff's Office

The Patrol Division of the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office consists of the Chief Deputy, 2 Lieutenants , 1 Sergeant, 4 Detectives, and 9 Deputies. The main goal of the Patrol Division is to answer calls for emergency and non-emergency service from the citizens. Each member of the Patrol Division has a vehicle assigned to them. Patrol Deputies are “on duty” as soon as they leave their residences and are available for service. In cases of emergencies, deputies can respond from their homes, as deputies live in all parts of the County.

Lafayette County Sheriff's Office

When not responding to calls, deputies patrol approximately 632 square miles of county roads. As well, deputies assist local law enforcement agencies and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Deputies in the Patrol Division investigate reports of crimes, enforce traffic laws, serve arrest warrants, pick up prisoners in other jurisdictions, provide traffic control for fire and emergency medical services, and serve paper process for the courts.

Current Roster of the Patrol Division

Chief Deputy

David Hanaway

Lieutenant Gene “Skeeter” Luehrman
Civil Process, Administrative Services

Sergeant Gregg Wing

Lieutenant Aaron Dye
Crisis Action Team,
Patrol Division Commander


Steve Munson
Crisis Action Team

Detective Ray Burns, Detective

Detective Nathan Tretter, Detective

Detective Cindy Schroer, Detective
Crime Victim Specialist


Billy Hotmer, Firearms Instructor

Deputy Michael Wahn
Crisis Action Team, Firearms Instructor
Deputy Dallas Reitz
Deputy Cody Smith  

Dale Cox  

Billie Banes
Crime Scene Specialist, Evidence Tech

Deputy Trevor Shroyer  
Deputy Kenneth Lewie  

Darren McFatrich
Crime Scene Specialist

Odessa City Division
Phone 816-633-7575

Lieutenant-Leland Liese, Division Commander
Sergeant-Phillip Salmon, Supervisor
Deputy Greg Daniel, D.A.R.E & School Resource Officer
Deputy Derek Zarda
Deputy Chad Gibson
Deputy Brandon Jeffery
Deputy Cody Davis
Deputy Aaron Adkins
Deputy George Kronshage

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