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Lafayette County Sheriffs


The first commissioned Sheriff of Lafayette County (Lillard County) was William R. Cole on January 1, 1821.

The first Commissioned Sheriff of the newly formed Lafayette County was Markham Fristoe in 1825.

1867 J.M. Pool
1869 J. M. Fleming
1871 Robert Taubman
1872 William Young
1875 George Montjoy
1881 B. Elliott
1885 J. W. Bowman
1889 Charles Mitchell
1893 Zach Wright
1897 John A. Fulkerson
1901 Oscar Thomas
1905 Charles F. Kinkead
1909 W. S. Peacock
1913 William H. Waddell
1917 Joseph C. Talbott

Sunday May 4th 1919, Sheriff Talbott was killed while transporting car thieves to jail.  Also killed were Deputy Sheriff John McDonald and Deputy Constable James Stapleton.  On May 29th 1919, Lafayette County held a special election to replace Sheriff Talbott.  Sheriff Talbott’s wife, Minnie Mae Talbott, won the special election becoming the first woman elected to the office of Sheriff in the United States.  Minnie Mae Talbott was sworn into office on June 8th 1919.  Minnie Mae Talbott was elected by an all-male electorate.  Women would not gain the right to vote until August 1920, with ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

 1919 Minnie Mae Talbott
1921 Joseph L. Forsha
1925 Creigh F. Frick
1929 Karl F. Hammer
1933 Sam C. Allen
1935 James H. Thurman
1937 Dewey Parrott
1941 Homer J. Kessler
1945 Lambert Schuleter
1957 Dewey Parrott
1965 Gene Darnell
1989 Robert W. Kinder
Darnell retired. Kinder appointed.
1990 Steven W. Brockoff
1993 Robert Teichman
2001 Kerrick Alumbaugh

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