107 S. 11th Street
Lexington, MO 64067

ph: 660-259-3622

fax: 660-259-2545

email: lcsheriff@lcsheriff.com

911 Center

Lafayette County Sheriff's Office

The 911 and Communication Center is the life line for county citizens and law enforcement officers. The Center is responsible for all of the County’s 911 calls and sending the appropriate help to the caller. When a 911 call is received, a display shows the phone number and address of the caller. With the Center’s “State of the Art” computer mapping system, the exact location can be shown on the computer screen by entering the address, phone number or the caller’s name. The system is capable of showing emergency response units the closest and most direct route to the emergency. The system can project a satellite view of the location, showing the exact position of the driveway and any buildings at that address. Another valuable tool of the system is the ability to call and warn all of the residents in an area where a man hunt or other emergency is occurring.

The Communications Center has the ability to communicate with every Fire Department, Police Department, Missouri State Highway Patrolman and the Conservation Agent in the county and coordinate their response.

The Communications Center also processes all computer checks requested by law enforcement, county warrants, state warrants, scale warrants, and some municipal warrants – The center is also responsible for all communications within the Sheriff’s Office.

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